About preeti

The first way I might identify myself is with basic statistics – born in Chicago, of Indian descent, 46 yrs old, female.  No pets, no kids, so plenty of time to think and write about anything and everything.  I live in New Jersey and travel to India once a year to visit my parents and be spoiled like the 12 year old child that I become as soon as I land.

The second way I might identify myself is by my profession – I am a financial planner (a CPA and CFP) who works with individuals to help guide their investment and retirement decisions.  I work mostly with physicians and business owners, and ironically I think about the material world and money all day long.

But the most important way I’d describe myself is a curious Agnostic who is constantly seeking answers to life’s mysteries.  I grew up with a Hindu background, having attended the local Chinmaya Mission for lectures and events.  However I have evolved into a seeker of truth on it’s own merit, which can at times coincide with what I’ve been taught and at times does not.  I am like many of my generation in that I cannot accept anything on blind faith.

Like the annoying pest of a kid, I can’t stop asking “But Why?” anytime I get an answer to a spiritually related question.

However unlike many others, I’m not as focused on improving my current life as I am on trying to understand what comes next.  I don’t know why I’m so fascinated by it, I think it may be due to the fact that eternity is greater than the next 30-40 years that I may be alive in this avatar.  So it’s a pure numbers game — since the afterlife is longer than my current life, I am intensely curious as to what it might bring.   I don’t want to be reborn as a chicken or cow or the many hapless animals I guiltily consume as my lunch and dinner.   This blog is not so much a “self-help” journal as it is a “soul-saving” one.

I am not an expert on this topic by any means, but I enjoy sharing my viewpoints and journey which I hope you will find of value in yours.  Thank you for reading!